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A Donation Form has been posted for those that wish to mail in a personal or business check to help support our 10th Class Reunion. The form is a pdf and may be found at the bottom of the events page. 

Thank you for your support and your donations!

Don't forget to check out the photos from the reunion on the '10th Class Reunion' page.

Class of 2000,

Thank you to all of the alumnae who attended our 10 Year Reunion on October 16.  It was a fun night filled with familiar faces.  Erin and I are extremely grateful for your support.  We could not have asked for better company to celebrate 10 years!  It was a blast!

As many of you know, attendance was lower than expected and as a result has left an outstanding balance of just under $3,000.  These expenses are the result of the alumnae search, mailings, website and the reunion event itself.  We have decided to keep this website available so you can continue to use it to communicate with our classmates.   We have added a link available for donations.  Donations of any amount are accepted and very much appreciated and will go DIRECTLY to cover outstanding Reunion expenses. 

As your Reunion committee, we wish we did not have to ask for your contribution.  Sadly though, such a large outstanding expense is more then only two of your classmates can assume alone.

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to address them personally.  Please contact me through this website or Facebook. 

Thank you, 
Armwood Hawks:

You can take advantage of this web site to communicate with our classmates. You MUST create your profile to send emails to other classmates. If you have a recent photo of yourself and/or family, you can post it to your profile. You may also post a "Then" picture from your yearbook. To do this, click on the Hawks page and create a classmate profile by clicking the "Create Your Profile" link. 

This is just an area for communication and it is not a list of those that attended your reunion, so please take a moment to create or update your classmate profile.

NOTE: Once you have added your details, it may take up to 24 hours for the web organizer to authenticate your profile, so please be patient and do not create a second profile.

The classmates who worked on this reunion are Stefanie Stanley and Erin Champlain Geiger.  They worked hard to not only
co-ordinate this event for you but respond to your concerns and requests.  A big Thank You to those three HAWKS!
Hope to see you at our 20th Reunion in 2020!


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